Ronjyan to join the Mahjong Logic Network

Isle of Man – November 8th, 2014 ( – Mahjong Logic, Ltd., the leading peer to peer online mahjong software provider has just announced the signing of new licensee Ronjyan ( to ensure their customers have access to the best mahjong experience on the web.

Ronyan is the latest of our Japanese facing operators and this deal shows the continued growth in demand for online mahjong in the Japanese market”, said Jonas Alm, Mahjong Logic CEO. ”Mahjong Logic is pleased to launch our product with such a well recognized group which has always been cutting edge and ahead of the curve when it comes to online gaming.”

Ronjan has gained a strong foothold in Japan and having online mahjong strengthens their offering. There is an estimated 700 million Mahjong players worldwide. Mahjong is considered to be a national pastime game in Japan and one of the most widely played games in the world. Online gaming companies are now turning to online Mahjong as the “next online poker” especially for their Asian players and expansion plans into the region.

”Ronjyan has searched long and hard for the best peer to peer online mahjong solution and we have found the perfect partner in Mahjong Logic,” Takeshi Okazaki, Managing Director of “Japan is an ever growing market for online gaming and having mahjong is an absolute must for us in this region.”

Mahjong Logic Signs Japan facing Licensee

Douglas, Isle of Man – July 19th, 2014 ( – Mahjong Logic, Ltd., the leading peer to peer online mahjong software provider has just announced the signing of a new licensee targeting Japan. Minnano Mahjong ( will utilize its massive traffic and affiliate resources to establish the brand as one of the most popular sites in Japan for online mahjong. Mahjong is the most popular table game in Japan with more than 10 million players and over 10000 mahjong parlors.

”We are excited to expand our presence in Japan which remains a country where the game of mahjong is extremely popular”, said Jonas Alm, Mahjong Logic CEO. “Other than Pachinko, the game of mahjong is the most popular in Japan. We are extremely happy to be working with a leader in the region who has set high standards and goals.”

Mahjong Logic is able to offer two local versions of the Riichi mahjong rule set both in a four player version and also a three player Kansai rule set, both which are extremely popular in Japan. Japan has over 100 million Internet users, this constitutes an internet penetration rate of 85% and combined with the popularity of mahjong proves a major potential for future growth.

”Minnano Mahjong is excited to launch mahjong as a key offering for our current online portfolio,”. We chose Mahjong Logic due to their expertise in the market and their unrivaled turnkey solution, which enable us to offer the best possible online mahjong solution to our customer base. Also, Mahjong Logic was able to provide us with the necessary payment solutions as well as superior customer support which is a necessity when targeting the Japanese market”

Mahjong Logic Signs New Licensee Betluck

Stockholm, Sweden – July 1st, 2013 – Mahjong Logic, Ltd., the leading peer to peer online mahjong software provider has announced the signing of new licensee Betluck. Located at, Betluck is a leading operator with a customer base in Europe and a growing focus on Japanese speaking customers.

”Mahjong Logic is thrilled to have Betluck sign up as our newest licensee”, said Jonas Alm, Mahjong Logic CEO. ”They are part of a large wave of operators across Asia and the world who have asked for online mahjong. This shows our continued competence in the area of offering a full online mahjong turnkey solution.”

Betluck is the second company to add online mahjong through our integrated solution with Plus Five. Via an already existing relationship with Plus-Five Gaming, Betluck offers a fully branded and customized gaming site, using the best and most up-to-date software available in the world, along with full Payment Processing and Customer Services.

”Mahjong Logic has a worldwide reputation for bringing the very best in online mahjong,” said Chris Davis, Plus-Five Gaming C.O.O. “We loved the fact that Mahjong Logic had the Japanese Riichi rule set available. It is important to us that we can fulfill our clients’ needs and Mahjong Logic have allowed us to do this.”

About Mahjong Logic:
Mahjong Logic is the leading peer to peer online mahjong software provider in the world today offering a full turnkey solution. As committed leaders in the space, Mahjong Logic is involved as a global supplier of online Mahjong systems which is bringing mahjong to the masses worldwide.

About Betluck:
Bet Luck is a White Label online gaming site owned by BF-IOM Ltd. We offer a host of various casino and peer to peer games targeting players from all over the world. Our software is world class and we look to offer our customers the best possible experience across many types of popular online casino games.

About Plus-Five:
Plus-Five Gaming is a Maltese licensed & UK based ‘White-Label’ gaming company based on the AliQuantum Gaming Platform, offering clients a complete end-to-end gaming solution including payment processing, customer services, marketing facilities and full LGA Licensing.

Plus-Five works with some of the leading providers of online & mobile content including Aberrant Software, AliQuantum Gaming, Cozy Games, Microgaming, IGT, NYX and Sherriff Games. Plus-Five also offer Global Gaming Labs-Live Dealer Software, Instadeal Poker and Mahjong Logic-Mahjong.

Mahjong Logic Signs New Licensee BetVictor

Douglas, Isle of Man – February 11, 2013 – Mahjong Logic, the leading peer to peer online mahjong software provider has just announced the signing of new licensee BetVictor . BetVictor offers a wide variety of games and now views online mahjong as a key game driver for new customer growth and expansion in the Asian region.

”Victor Chandler and BetVictor are some of the most recognized brands for online gaming in the world and we are honored to be associated with their brand”, said Jonas Alm, Mahjong Logic CEO. ”It is hard to find a more well established and trusted brand in the marketplace today. Mahjong fits their vision of proper market expansion utilizing games familiar in the Asian region”

Mahjong has a strong player base throughout Asia which equates to substantial potential for the online mahjong marketplace. Traditionally, the game is firmly planted in the family culture along with concept of gambling. On some play-for-points websites that offer online mahjong it has been known for the game to have over a quarter million concurrent players.

”We have a well established and very knowledgeable team of people working in Asia and see Asia as a key territory in helping us drive this global expansion and we are excited by the potential that lay ahead,” said Michael Carlton, CEO of BetVictor. ”The culture of betting and gaming is well established in Asia and we also have a very progressive policy of providing an ever widening portfolio of casino and games like Mahjong to our customers. This policy of ongoing gaming development also offers us huge opportunities for growth in Asia and we aim to capitalize on this in the years ahead.”

Mahjong Logic Launches the World Championship of Online Mahjong (WCOOM)

Planned to be the largest ever online mahjong tournament, WCOOM promises to bring worldwide attention to the ever growing online mahjong marketplace.

Douglas, Isle of Man – October 22nd, 2012 – Mahjong Logic, Ltd., the leading peer to peer online mahjong software provider has launched the World Championship of Online Mahjong (WCOOM).

This inaugural World Championship of Online Mahjong event is taking place from November 19th to the December 9th, 2012 and will feature two main events using Riichi and Hong Kong rule sets with a combined prize pool. The players can either qualify through the available online satellite tournaments, or buy in directly to the online Main Events. An online satellite tournament in mahjong is a qualifying tournament, and the top players in these satellites each win a seat in the corresponding Online Main Event.

”Mahjong Logic is very proud to offer WCOOM to our players. The online world of mahjong has been asking for an event like this for quite a long time ”, said Jonas Alm, Mahjong Logic CEO.” Our software has been fine tuned to provide the very best online experience for the participants and all our licensees will be offering this tournament to their players”.

The tournament structure will be played in shootout format with each tournament divided into successive rounds. The top one or two ranked players on each table will progress to the next round while the other players are eliminated from the competition. As the rounds progress, the number of remaining players and tables decrease, the final round consisting of the top four players who have made the final table. The winner of the final table is the overall mahjong champion in that discipline.

Mahjong Logic Partners with BetMotion

BetMotion looks to expand throughout Latin America and its ever-growing Asian population in the region by offering the world’s most popular game in Mahjong

Douglas, Isle of Man – October 9, 2012 – Mahjong Logic, Ltd., the leading peer to peer online mahjong software provider has signed up BetMotion as a licensee. BetMotion offers online casino, sports, poker and now Mahjong as part of its game offering.

”We are thrilled to be partnered with such a well respected brand who understands and appreciates the potential of online mahjong.”, said Jonas Alm, Mahjong Logic CEO. ”Entering the Latin American market for us reinforces the fact that Mahjong truly is a global game that is growing in popularity each day throughout the world. Brazil alone has close to 1.5 million ethnic Japanese who would be ideal player candidates and already familiar with our Riichi rule set ”.

With close to 5 million Asians in the region, the game of mahjong has deep roots and history with many residents. The partnership involves a fully integrated and seamless solution for user login and wallet. Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish language will be added to the ever growing language list in order to serve this market. English, Japanese, Chinese, Thai, Korean and Vietnamese are already available languages.

”BetMotion is very excited to offer the world’s leading online mahjong software to our customer base,” said Martin Benitez, Managing Director of BetMotion. “The Asian population here in Latin America is quite large and growing fast. Our player base has been asking for mahjong for quite some time now. Diversification of our game product which appeases our consumer appetite is exactly what we are looking for and achieving with this partnership”.

World Mahjong Championship to be held in China

The Third World Mahjong Championship – or the fourth, if you count the tournament in Tokyo in 2002 – will be held in Chongqing in China 26-31 October 2012! It will be played according to International Competition Rules, and featuring both the prestigious individual title as World Champion and the team title. Competitors from two dozen countries are expected, in this massive event which is also aimed at promoting mahjong culture around the world. Among those joining in will be Mahjong Logic’s games expert Dan Glimne, representing Sweden. Expect a report with pictures here!

New Licensee

Douglas, Isle of Man, July 3, 2012 – Mahjong Logic, Ltd., the leading peer to peer online mahjong software provider has announced the signing of new licensee is a leading operator in Asia with top-of-the-line live dealer software along with additional RNG games. sees online mahjong as the next natural progression with regards to the online gaming market throughout the region. Their turnkey setup includes a seamless wallet, single login across all products as well as a combined affiliate system.

”Mahjong Logic is thrilled to have sign up as our newest licensee”, said Jonas Alm, Mahjong Logic CEO. ”Their appetite for online mahjong reaffirms our belief that the game will only get larger with worldwide players increasing rapidly. 2012 is shaping up to be another banner year for our company.”

Online gaming throughout the Asia region has grown at a tremendous rate indicating that mahjong, Asia’s most popular game, will have a major upside in growth. The game has historically been widely played at all ages and regions throughout China. Chairman Mao Zedong once said that mahjong is one of three Chinese national treasures contributing to the world.

”Mahjong Logic has made our transition to online mahjong a very smooth one,” said Collette Young, Managing Partner of “Our players will have an opportunity to seamlessly move in and out of online mahjong while still enjoying all the other key games we offer simultaneously. Our company is hopeful to help make online mahjong as popular throughout the world as online poker is today.”

Mahjong Logic partners with OpenBet

OpenBet looks to expand into Asia by offering the world’s most popular game in Mahjong

Douglas, Isle of Man, 6thJune, 2012 – Mahjong Logic, Ltd., the leading peer-to-peer online Mahjong software provider has signed a partner agreement with OpenBet, allowing OpenBet licencees to offer Mahjong Logic’s turnkey Mahjong solution. With over 20 major customers in the online gaming industry and over 100 partners worldwide, OpenBet brings credibility and reach to help continue expanding the online Mahjong market worldwide.

Jonas Alm, Chief Executive Officer at Mahjong Logic, said: ”OpenBet has many top worldwide customers, such as William Hill, Ladbrokes, Paddy Power, Betfair, SkyBet and several Canadian lotteries. This partnership reinforces our belief in bringing the best online Mahjong product to the world”.

OpenBet has been awarded many of the online gaming industry’s top awards, including eGaming Review’s Sports Betting Supplier of the Year, for three consecutive years. OpenBet has a proven platform with an open API that makes integration of online Mahjong an easy process. OpenBet customers will eventually have playing access not only through the web, but also mobile devices, retail outlets and interactive digital television, with a single log-in and a centralised player Account.

Max Francis, Commercial Partner Manager at OpenBet, commented: ”As the Asian market continues to grow it is important to facilitate and extend customer choice. Partnering with Mahjong Logic gives our customers access to online Mahjong products from a global supplier that people can trust”.

Mahjong Logic Signs Land-based Casino Hippodrome

The deal marks a new and emerging trend of land-based casinos moving towards the online gaming space

Douglas, Isle of Man – March 19th, 2012 – Mahjong Logic, Ltd., the leading peer to peer online mahjong software provider worldwide has just announced
the signing of the Hippodrome Casino based in London as a new licensee. As a land – based London casino the Hippodrome Casino represents the trend of brick and mortar entities moving to online gaming.

”We are excited to bring a strong traditional casino with years of history and experience to the world of online mahjong”, said Jonas Alm, Mahjong Logic CEO. ”Being located next to
London’s Chinatown allows our software and the game of mahjong to become more popular to the ever growing overseas Chinese marketplace and beyond.”

There are over 40 million Overseas Chinese worldwide with many other non-Chinese Asians as avid players as well. It is a game that is well ingrained in the general Chinese and Asian cultures with many people already are familiar with the rules of the game. ”The Hippodrome Casino will have a large percentage of Chinese and Asian players who all know and love the game of mahjong,” said George Constantinou, Head of Online Gaming at The Hippodrome Casino. “Partnering with Mahjong Logic allows us to immediately offer online mahjong to our customer base and leverage their already existing player liquidity pool”.