Mahjong Logic Signs Japan facing Licensee

Douglas, Isle of Man – July 19th, 2014 ( – Mahjong Logic, Ltd., the leading peer to peer online mahjong software provider has just announced the signing of a new licensee targeting Japan. Minnano Mahjong ( will utilize its massive traffic and affiliate resources to establish the brand as one of the most popular sites in Japan for online mahjong. Mahjong is the most popular table game in Japan with more than 10 million players and over 10000 mahjong parlors.

”We are excited to expand our presence in Japan which remains a country where the game of mahjong is extremely popular”, said Jonas Alm, Mahjong Logic CEO. “Other than Pachinko, the game of mahjong is the most popular in Japan. We are extremely happy to be working with a leader in the region who has set high standards and goals.”

Mahjong Logic is able to offer two local versions of the Riichi mahjong rule set both in a four player version and also a three player Kansai rule set, both which are extremely popular in Japan. Japan has over 100 million Internet users, this constitutes an internet penetration rate of 85% and combined with the popularity of mahjong proves a major potential for future growth.

”Minnano Mahjong is excited to launch mahjong as a key offering for our current online portfolio,”. We chose Mahjong Logic due to their expertise in the market and their unrivaled turnkey solution, which enable us to offer the best possible online mahjong solution to our customer base. Also, Mahjong Logic was able to provide us with the necessary payment solutions as well as superior customer support which is a necessity when targeting the Japanese market”

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