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Mahjong Logic was the main sponsor in this year’s World Mahjong Championship in Utrecht, Holland. After 3 days of hard work for all players – do not underestimate the strain of top concentration for 9 rounds of 2 hours! – the new world champion has been crowned.

Players from about a dozen countries had signed up for the competition. China came in first, France was the runner up, Austria came in third and even though Japan is big on mahjong, the Japanese team chocked many participants as they ended up no better than fourth place. With five players in the top 10 (1, 4, 6, 7 and 9), China also claimed the Country Price with a total of 85 table points; runner up was France, with 78 table points, while Denmark claimed 3rd price with 77 table points.

For some time it looked like China might take all top three places, but in the end the final result was:

1. Linghua Jiao (CN)
2. Olivier Boivin (F)
3. Elisabeth Frischenschlager (AU)

According to our mahjong guru, Dan Glimne – who saw her in action – she was in a class of her own winning almost every game she participated in.

1. China
2. France
3. Denmark
4. Japan

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