Mahjong Logic Signs New Licensee Hero Mahjong

Isle of Man – November 8th, 2010 – Mahjong Logic, Ltd., the leading peer to peer online mahjong software provider worldwide has just announced the signing of new licensee Hero Mahjong. Hero Mahjong will initially focus and utilize the 13 tile Hong Kong rule set and target players from Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Toronto, Vancouver, and also overseas Chinese in Europe. Viewed as the most popular rule set for Mahjong, Hero Mahjong will have an adequate amount of player liquidity riding on the Mahjong Logic backbone which is key to the business.

“Mahjong Logic is thrilled to have Hero Mahjong as a major licensee out of the Greater Asia region”, said Jonas Alm, Mahjong Logic CEO. “I have personally known the management of this company for many years now and am confident that their business will significantly grow side by side with ours throughout Asia and the overseas Chinese marketplace. They demonstrate a keen understanding for the game of mahjong and are experts when it comes to marketing and attracting new players to their online site.”

With an estimated 700 million player base many believe it is a matter of time before the online player market rivals that of poker. Hero Mahjong brings an executive team who has experience with establishing poker in Asia along with experts in mahjong and marketing to help continue the explosive growth mahjong has seen in recent years. Hero Mahjong will utilize organized land based tournaments to help popularize their brand and build player base.

“Hero Mahjong has researched all the major online mahjong licensing companies worldwide and have conclusively decided to go with Mahjong Logic with their expertise throughout Asia and the world,” said David Jung, CEO of Hero Mahjong and former Regional Marketing Director of Pokerstars in Asia. “The clear advantages in our business are great software, player liquidity and all key game rule sets. Mahjong Logic provides all of this and more at a superior level and with multilingual offerings. Our side can now focus on the site launch in November along with marketing and bringing in a new player base. Having the experience of successfully introducing poker to the Asian market, we are confident that we have the know how to quickly penetrate new markets in general, and this is not going to be a hard sell because, unlike poker, the Chinese all know Mahjong.”

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