Mahjong Logic Announces the Launch of

Douglas, Isle Of Man – August 31, 2011 – Mahjong Logic, Ltd., the leading peer to peer online mahjong software provider worldwide has launched in partnership with recent partner Plus-Five Gaming. arrives in conjunction with the UK’s largest land-based Mahjong Festival. Both Mahjong Logic and Plus-Five Gaming are major sponsors of this first time ever event. The festival will begin and be played throughout the 2nd and 3rd of September at London’s Hanover Square and is free to participate. Tournaments will run approximately every hour and all mahjong enthusiasts 18 and over are welcome to participate in this historic event which runs in conjunction with “Poker in the Park”, ‘Europe’s biggest Poker Festival.

Organizer Michael Caselli said, “The addition of mahjong is not only a way to involve the large Chinese community from nearby China Town in our festival, but we also hope it will introduce a large number of poker players to what is one of the most widely played skill games in the world.”

For Mahjong Logic this continues a positive trend for a record setting year in terms of new licensees. Mahjong both online and offline are becoming more mainstream.

”We feel there is no better time to launch this new site than immediately prior to the launch of the Mahjong Festival in London,” said Jonas Alm, Mahjong Logic CEO. “The event shows the popularity of mahjong worldwide and we are thrilled to be partnered with Plus-Five Gaming as we look to further promote one of the world’s most popular games here in Europe.”

”Plus-Five Gaming is excited to be a part of this prestigious land based event as well as a complimentary online brand launching at the same time.” said Mark Jones, Marketing & Business Development Director of Plus-Five Gaming,. ”We saw this opportunity to launch our new mahjong offering and at the same time allow our many customers who have asked for online mahjong to immediately take part in both the event and our online brand. Mahjong to us is looking more and more promising as an emerging game.”

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