Mahjong Logic Announces Licensing Partnership with Plus-Five Gaming

Douglas, Isle of Man – July 5th, 2011 – Mahjong Logic, Ltd., the leading peer to peer online mahjong software provider worldwide has just announced the signing of a new licensing agreement with Plus-Five Gaming. Plus-Five Gaming has leveraged the world’s leading online gaming software to have one of the most comprehensive online game networks in the world.

2011 has been a stellar year and Mahjong Logic enters the second half of the year with yet another solid partner to promote the game of online mahjong worldwide. The partnership allows Plus-Five Gaming to look toward the Asia market with a product that is the most played game throughout the region.
”This partnership opens the door to an additional player base for the emerging game of online mahjong,” said Jonas Alm, Mahjong Logic CEO. “Plus-Five Gaming has a large list of reputable online gaming partners and licensees with a reach to a market that we are confident represent a large growth potential for our company.”
With the recent “Black Friday” indictments and uncertainty moving forward for online poker market, online mahjong becomes an attractive alternative for growth for peer to peer online gaming. The game has wide spread popularity in an ever growing marketplace in Asia and many jurisdictions view mahjong as a true game of skill which allows for more valid payment processing solutions.
”Plus-Five Gaming is thrilled to partner with the world’s top provider of online mahjong solutions,” said Mark Jones, Marketing & Business Development Director of Plus-Five Gaming. ”This was a gap in our product offering and many of our partners and licensee customers have asked for an online mahjong solution. Now we can finally satisfy this demand with the Mahjong Logic solution, which is comfortably the best in the market.”

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