Ho Gaming is an international gaming and entertainment business based in Hong Kong. It has been providing live dealer gaming content in Asia for all of the 21st Century. Ho Gaming’s operations centre in the Philippines supports the best in breed technology that powers the live dealer / live gaming environment. The dealers operating in the Philippines are all trained in accordance with Macau regulations, by the training staff from the famous Grand Lisboa Casino in Macau, before working in the live dealer environment.


Plus-Five Gaming is a UK based white-label gaming service provider with a Class 1 licence from the LGA in Malta, offering companies and brands the most cost-effective way to enter the world of Online Gaming, by providing a complete end-to-end White Label service.

Plus-Five Gaming offers a fully branded and customised gaming sites, using the best and most up-to-date software available in the world, along with full Payment Processing and Customer Services.

Plus-Five Gaming is powered by the AliQuantum-Gaming platform and is now integrated with Mahjong Logic.


Cubeia Ltd. is a distributed systems expert company, registered in England and operating through our office in Stockholm, Sweden. Cubeia provide scalable, high availability systems and consultation based on our long experience in the gambling and internet application industry.

Cubeias main product, Firebase, is a game agnostic, high availability, scalable platform for multiplayer online games. It is developed by Cubeia Ltd and was built from the start with the gaming industry in mind. It provides a simple API for game development using event-driven messaging and libraries for point-to-point client to server communication.


EveryMatrix is an independent company solely focused on providing the best possible products for the gaming industry. EveryMatrix don’t operate any gaming sites but focus on software development and services of the highest quality yet at affordable prices. All products from EveryMatrix are built with focus on integration and flexibility. While the EveryMatrix products work well together, they equally well fit into any other platform, be it in-house or third-party software.

There are today more than 25 companies using their products. EveryMatrix customers include both start-ups as well as established companies such as Chili Poker, Centrebet, Betclick, and NoiQ poker.