back office

The Mahjong Logic Back Office Management system is a robust and powerful administration, CRM, payment processing and reporting tool. Our back office will support all your operational queries from the daily tasks of managing players’ accounts, marketing, affiliates, payments, games and tournaments.

Using the Back Office Management system, you can streamline the whole business process, create accurate customer profiles, study behaviour patterns, identify preferences, and accordingly provide one-to-one services to maximize client satisfaction and to improve customer retention.

Mahjong Logic Proactive Risk Management is a near and real time fraud tool that prevents and detects potential scenarios for collusion in Mahjong. The Proactive Risk Management reporting system monitors the entire registration and payment process in order to at early stages detect player behavior patterns. Using Proactive Risk Management our Payment/Risk department obtains a detailed overview of the whole transaction process which in turn minimizes fraud and improves client satisfaction.

Key Features

  • User friendly back office with role base access
  • Customer Helpdesk: Manage your player’s account
  • Affiliate support: Manage your affiliates
  • Payment processing and Fraud tools. Integrated payment module linked to well established payment solutions
  • Game management: Set up, manage and edit your tournaments and tables
  • Mailing campaigns tools: For targeting the right customer base
  • Bonus campaign tools: Create and offer different kinds of bonus schemes to your players
  • Report and analysis tools: Get in-depth reports and information from the back-office system.